ALIA monitors the content of national radio stations, regional radio stations (transmission networks) and local radio stations

It pays particular attention to protecting minors from inappropriate content in radio programmes that may impair their physical, mental or moral development.

ALIA also ensures that programs do not broadcast or contain any incitement to violence, hatred or public provocation to commit a terrorist offence (Article 26bis of the Amended Law of 27 July 1991 on Electronic Media).

The Authority constantly monitors radio broadcasts for any violent, erotic or pornographic content and to ensure respect for human dignity.

At national level, ALIA monitors the content of the commercial radio stations RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg and Lessentiel Radio, as well as that of the public service station radio 100,7. For the latter, it may make proposals to ensure that the content is balanced and reflects the station’s socio-cultural objectives.

Last updated: 01 June 2021