2016 10 04 Top Star Radio Logo Kl V

At its meeting on 29 September 2016, the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Independent Media Authority (ALIA) decided to award transmission network 2 to the bid from TopStar Radio. After the close of the call for applications launched on 6 June, two other stations were also in the running: AirFM 24 and 7FM. The three were given the opportunity to present and justify their bids at sessions held by the Authority on 26 September 2016.

ALIA had not set any particular conditions apart from those laid down in the legal provisions. The applications received each proposed a music-based schedule, though the approaches were very different. The Board was pleased to note that all the bids were sound and each had its own merits.

TopStar Radio was selected above all because it was slightly ahead of its competitors in terms of its strategic approach, its editorial content, its contribution to the media pluralism of Luxembourg’s radio landscape – in part because of the use of German as its main broadcast language , its musical style and its experience. Its overall vision won over the members of the Board of Directors, who believe that the proposed station will help broaden the diversity of radio programming in Luxembourg.

“It was not an easy choice because of the quality of the bids we received,” emphasised Thierry Hoscheit, Chairman of ALIA. “But ultimately the decision was a unanimous one because the bid by TopStar Radio seemed to offer a service that, in general, does not currently exist to this degree in Luxembourg. Moreover, the proposed station seeks to bring people together and create links; in its presentation of political and cultural news, it goes beyond Luxembourg’s borders and aims to include at least part of the Greater Region in its coverage.”

TopStar Radio currently has two partners: René Porwoll has been working for more than 25 years for private radio stations in Germany and France as an editor and presenter; and NanoComp GmbH is a company that is active in the German radio landscape with its stake in Radio Saarschleifenland. Wilfried Eckel will serve as Director of Programming.

ALIA is an administrative public institution that was set up on 1 December 2013. Its main mission is to monitor the content of television and radio programmes that come within Luxembourg’s jurisdiction. If part of a programme infringes the rules governing programming content and advertising, for example, the Authority may intervene and impose sanctions. ALIA is also responsible for monitoring the classification of films screened in cinemas. In the area of regulation, it grants permits for regional and local radio stations in Luxembourg (www.alia.lu).