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At its meeting on 15 July 2019, the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Independent Media Authority (ALIA) decided to award transmission network 2 to the L’essentiel-Radio bid. After the close of the call for applications launched on 8 April, the AirFM 24 bid submitted by Pro Sound & Media was also in the running.

The applicants were given the opportunity to present and justify their bids at sessions held by the Authority on 15 July 2019. ALIA had not set any particular conditions apart from those laid down in the legal provisions, but one important aspect that was taken into consideration was the question of media pluralism in Luxembourg.

The Board was faced with the following choice: if ALIA awarded the network to RadioLux, it would give L’essentiel-Radio the opportunity to significantly increase its coverage in the country (giving the station a wider audience and helping it achieve its aim of national coverage), thereby contributing to media pluralism by benefiting additional listeners; and if it granted the permit to a new radio station, in this case AirFM 24, it would boost the existing range of stations in Luxembourg for the area covered by transmission network 2.

With regard to the proposed content of the stations, the Authority did not identify anything in the AirFM 24 bid or during the oral presentation to indicate how its new station would stand out in the existing radio landscape. Similarly, the proposal by RadioLux, with its station L’essentiel-Radio, did not offer anything new: at the presentation on 15 July 2019, the directors stated that the content and more generally the concept and editorial approach of the station would remain the same.

In economic terms, the Authority observed that the AirFM 24 proposal relied heavily on the commitment of a few enthusiastic volunteers and may have been jeopardised if they were to decide to leave, while RadioLux boasts a solid company structure capable of ensuring the long-term viability of its proposal.

On the basis of these considerations, the Authority concluded that the proposal by Pro Sound & Media satisfied to a lesser extent the criteria applied by the Authority in terms of the scale and quality of the editorial content, its contribution to the pluralism of the radio landscape and its long-term development potential. ALIA therefore decided to award transmission network 2 to RadioLux.