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Five applications were received by the deadline of 30 March 2018 following the call for tenders issued by the Luxembourg Independent Media Authority (ALIA) for the allocation of eleven frequencies for local radio stations. In accordance with the Law on Electronic Media, the call for tenders was only open to non-profit organisations. Applications to run a radio station were received from the following organisations:

  • Country Radio Gilsdrëf for the frequency 94.7 MHz in the commune of Vallée de l’Ernz,
  • Péiteng on Air and 3FM Sud-Luxembourg for the frequency 102.2 MHz in Pétange,
  • Radio Positiva for the frequency 106.0 MHz in Esch/Alzette,
  • Radio Lusitana for the frequency 106.1 MHz in the commune of Préizerdaul.

All five applications met the official conditions in the call for tenders. Three were selected in the absence of any competition for those frequencies: Radio Lusitana, Country Radio Gilsdrëf and Radio Positiva.

For the frequency 102.2 MHz in Pétange, the ALIA Board of Directors decided to allocate the permit to Péiteng on Air. The decision was based on the Board’s analysis of the selection criteria, in particular those laid down in the Amended Law of 27 July 1991 on Electronic Media.

ALIA hopes that this initiative will help broaden the diversity of the radio landscape in Luxembourg. Two stations will be primarily geared towards the Portuguese-speaking community, a third will showcase country music and the fourth will serve as a general-interest radio station in Luxembourgish. The stations will be able to begin broadcasting their programmes as soon as they have received their permit, contractual specifications and licence to broadcast.