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The Luxembourg Independent Media Authority (ALIA) has learned from the press that the CSA (the regulatory authority for the French Community of Belgium) recently announced in a press release that it no longer intends to forward any complaints from viewers concerning the three channels broadcast by RTL Belux – RTL TVi, Club RTL and Plug RTL – to its Luxembourg counterpart. ALIA has not yet received any official information from the CSA on this matter.

In 2009, the governments of Luxembourg and the French Community of Belgium signed a protocol for cooperation in the area of audiovisual media services. Article 1 of this agreement states the following: “The parties recognise that the services RTL-TVi, Club RTL and Plug RTL come under the authority and the exclusive supervision of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and that the French Community of Belgium therefore has no authority with regard to the compliance of these services with the rules laid down in Directive 89/552/EC […]; the application of these rules comes under the exclusive authority of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.”

In the absence of any new information that may influence its authority to supervise the channels mentioned above, ALIA will maintain its procedures. It will continue to carry out its statutory supervisory and regulatory missions, in particular dealing with any complaints concerning the content broadcast by the channels RTL TVi, Club RTL and Plug RTL.

Complaints from viewers may be made directly at any time via the ALIA website: