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On the morning of 2 May, as part of the investigation by the Luxembourg Independent Media Authority into RTL Lëtzebuerg’s refusal to broadcast political messages in French over its airwaves, ALIA’s Managing Director approached the eight political parties that had not submitted campaign spots in French to find out whether they were opposed to the principle of using a language other than Luxembourgish in the spots produced for the European elections on 26 May 2019, and if so asking them to explain their position.

Only one party expressed its opposition at that stage, but it did not give any reasons for its views. The seven other parties raised no objections. These views ruled out RTL Lëtzebuerg’s main concern that it might be accused of unfair treatment by the parties participating in the elections. On the evening of 2 May, ALIA therefore invited the media service provider to reverse its decision. RTL Lëtzebuerg immediately accepted and informed the public of its decision by issuing a press release.

ALIA welcomes this turnaround and stresses that it is fully consistent with the provisions laid down by mutual agreement with the parties and the media providers concerned before the start of the media campaign, which do not contain any rules on the use of languages in campaign messages. These provisions, as well as documents drawn up by the media providers containing details of their election coverage, are available on the page «European elections».