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On 13 October 2015, ALIA invited the Luxembourg press to its premises to look back on its first 18 months of work as Luxembourg’s independent media regulatory authority.

The Authority was set up on 1 December 2013, inheriting the responsibilities of the former Commission indépendante de la radiodiffusion (Independent Broadcasting Commission – CIR) and Conseil national des programmes (National Programming Council – CNP). In practice, ALIA monitors television and radio services licensed in Luxembourg, grants permits for local and regional radio stations and determines the ratings of films released in cinemas. Approximately 80 radio and television services are currently under its supervision.

Since it was set up, the Authority has dealt with 25 specific issues – both external complaints and matters in which it has acted on its own initiative –, most of which have involved the protection of minors. Any individuals or organisations that have been offended by the content of a particular service may make a complaint to ALIA if that content undermines the protection of minors or human dignity, for example. The same is true for the content of advertisements broadcast via radio or television. The Authority also makes sure that there is transparency between editorial content and advertising, and monitors that the maximum air time authorised for advertising is not exceeded.

Since the first meeting of the Board of Directors in January 2014, ALIA has issued four reprimands against services under its supervision. Chairman Thierry Hoscheit reiterated how important it is for ALIA to maintain a dialogue with the channels concerned and emphasized that the Authority is not a censorship body; rather it responds on an ad hoc basis to requests from the public or its members.

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