Refram Maroc Pl Vf

We are seeing an increasing desire in society for regulation to deal with the manifold cultural, democratic, societal and economic effects of globalised digital communication. That was one of the conclusions of the conference in Morocco, which was attended by several networks of media regulatory authorities, including REFRAM (the Network of French-Speaking Media Regulatory Authorities, of which ALIA is a member).

So how can we protect individuals, societies and the global community from the many risks they face, which range from manipulation, threats to peaceful coexistence, violations of human dignity and restriction of free will to the dissemination of hate speech and breaches of privacy?

The fact that social media have become a forum for exchanging information raises the potential problem of misinformation. It is therefore vital that we improve existing tools and develop regulations that reflect current realities. It is also crucial that regulatory bodies demonstrate a commitment to promoting media education through awareness-raising campaigns on how to use and consume social media, aimed at young people and society in general, and that by fostering a critical approach, they support the notion that consumers, especially minors, should have access to the tools they need to detect “fake news” and combat disinformation. The conference was notable for the broad convergence of views among the speakers, all of whom emphasised the multiple benefits of taking action to guarantee the right of citizens to a pluralistic, high-quality media landscape.