Web Election Graphic

The media campaign for the European elections on 26 May 2019 is the first to take place under the aegis of the Luxembourg Independent Media Authority. Working closely with the parties that will present their lists of candidates for the elections and with the three media services RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg, RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg and radio 100,7, ALIA has developed guidelines for the media campaign that will run from 29 April to 24 May 2019.

The campaign is divided into three parts: campaign spots for the lists, round tables, and election coverage by the media services concerned.

Each list has nine minutes of air time per media service and is free to produce campaign spots that do not exceed a maximum length of 45 seconds per message. ALIA has devised a timetable for these spots to be broadcast by the three media services at different times of day:

- radio 100,7: Monday to Friday, 3 daily time slots: 6.50, 13.10 and 18.55;

- RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg: Monday to Friday, 3 daily time slots: around 6.45, 13.15 and 18.50;

- RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg: Monday to Sunday, 1 daily time slot at 18.55.

The media services will organise a number of round tables to which candidates on the lists will be invited, with the editorial teams choosing which subjects will be discussed. These round tables will be broadcast on 18 May from 12.00 on RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg, on 8 and 22 May at 20.00 on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg and on 19 May at 11.00 on radio 100,7.

RTL Lëtzebuerg and radio 100,7 have also submitted documents containing details of their election coverage. These provide an outline of scheduled programmes (excluding daily news) relating to the elections or resulting in on-air visibility for a list or a candidate.

For the entire media campaign period, RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg, RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg and radio 100,7 are required to offer a balanced, fair presentation of the lists participating in the elections and to provide the electorate with impartial, relevant and critical coverage.

Any complaints, whether from candidates or voters, should be made to ALIA. In the event of any unjustified irregularities, the Authority will invite the provider of the media service in question to restore the balance in the content of its programmes for the stipulated duration of the official campaign.

Campaign activities of parties, lists or candidates on social media do not fall under ALIA’s supervision.