The Board of Directors is ALIA’s decision-making body.

The Board rules on breaches of legal and regulatory requirements on the basis of conclusions submitted to it by the Managing Director. It may rule that a case should be closed without any action being taken, or that a penalty provided by law should be imposed.

Any application for a licence or permit for national or international services must be examined by ALIA, which then issues an opinion to the government.

The Board grants permits for regional radio stations (transmission networks) and local radio stations, and it also decides on the allocation of frequencies on which these radio stations may broadcast.

The Board’s work is governed by its rules of procedure.

ALIA’s Board is composed of five members, each of whom has a five-year renewable term.

The current members of the Board, appointed for five years (until January 2024), are Thierry Hoscheit (chairman), Valérie Dupong, Claude Wolf, Marc Glesener and Luc Weitzel.

The secretary is Carole Kickert.

Last updated: 21 December 2021